Guiding the Youth to a Life of Faith of Meaning


Technological breakthroughs have made almost everything possible. Satellites, telephones, cars, and computers are a few discoveries we cannot imagine without in today’s times. Coupled with modernization is a threat to the younger generation. The ease of accessibility is detrimental to their understanding of life, blinding them to the meaning of their baptism and existence. Thus, the youth ministry has never been more essential than today.

  • Focus

    Because of the rise of social media, our youth may believe in whatever they see online. Sometimes, they also seek answers on the internet for the things they are unsure about. While the web provides us with a wealth of knowledge, it is the responsibility of the Episcopal Church to guide the youth in their questions about life. A ministry dedicated to them offers an avenue for them to ask without judgment.

  • Faith

    We all undergo the teenage years, and we know that choosing the right crowd is crucial to our faith. Faith is nurtured with the support of other people, especially those of our age. The youth fosters their relationship with God and others through the prayer services in Foster City, California.

  • Fellowship

    Christian Spirituality is rooted in our love for God. The commandments tell us to love God above all and others as we worship Him; Fellowship activities strengthen this.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church provides opportunities for our youth to keep their focus on what’s essential, nurturing their faith, and celebrating that through fellowship. Join our youth ministry!!

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