Application Instructions St Ambrose 2022

OTM St Ambrose

PARISH PROFILE – St Ambrose Episcopal Church – January 2022

Search Committee Update

The Search Committee has completed the OTM responses for the Diocese and are currently working on the Profile. Each of these documents will “paint a picture” of St. Ambrose as we are now, and our hopes are for the future. The list below, shows the order of the tasks.

  1. Form the Search Committee
  2. Organize and review discernment process tasks
  3. Create and pilot questions for Town Hall Meetings
  4. Hold Town Hall Meetings on September 12th and 15th
  5. Analyze data gathered from the Town Hall Meetings
  6. Write Parish Profile and OTM Portfolio
  7. Parish Profile and OTM Portfolio approved by Vestry
  8. Open Rector position.
  9. Evaluate application materials
  10. Two or three Interviews with applicants
  11. Check references
  12. Submit two or three finalists to the Vestry.

Your Search Committee, Father Shane, April Cherrington, Nilda Chong, George Gardiner, Carolyn Moriarty, Liva Neyroud, Yvonne Sidell, Warren Wong, Steve Yuen, and Denise Obando (Transition Minister from the Diocese).