Satisfy Your Soul Through the Wisdom and Words of Jesus


St. Ambrose Episcopal Church is a place where you can attend Prayer Services in Foster City, California. We live through the wonderful words of God and share them the everyone. We like to spend time with the Lord and the people who praise him with joy and happiness in their hearts.

If you live in Christian Spirituality and want to get to know Jesus through service, worship, and being a part of the programs we have to spread the word of the Lord, our church is a welcoming place for everyone who wants to walk with God.

Our Episcopal Church values every life and appreciates deeply the blessings, gifts, and talents that the Lord bestowed and shares them with the believers. We want to spend time with the community and open our doors to people who want to find their way toward Jesus.

We do Outreach and a lot more activities for the children of God where we can help restore the faith of others and spread the good news through music, praises, and fellowship. There are a lot of activities that are suitable for believers of all ages.

To attend one of our mass and services, please do not hesitate to come and join us. We are also open to volunteers who want to share their talents through art and music.

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