The True Essence of the Lent Season


Now that March is upon us, the Lent Season has also started. We may have been used to going to mass with our family or starting a Lent journal for our yearly reflections. But the real question is: what is the true essence of the Lent Season? What should we be celebrating?

Amidst our traditions during Lent Season, we may hear the words: repentance, submission, and transformation. And while every person may have a different reason for celebrating this special occasion, allow us to shed light on these three important words and how they relate to this special event.

  • Prayer: Repentance

    Lent Season is the perfect time to reflect on our past mistakes, ask for forgiveness from the Lord, and repent from our sins through prayer. The best way to practice this is by setting time for deep prayer or going to any episcopal church within the locality to pray.

  • Fasting: Submission

    As we look back on the sacrifices that Jesus Christ has made to save us from sin, we can also fast. Fasting is more than an intentional act of restraint from our worldly needs; it is also an act of submission to our Lord and a testament to our beliefs and Christian spirituality.

  • Charity: Transformation

    Christianity has always been about our relationship with the Lord and others. What better way to fully manifest the Lent Season than by engaging in outreach programs? This can help us connect to the people around us, spread the Word of God to others, and offer support to those who need it most.

Visit St. Ambrose Episcopal Church during the Lent Season. We offer prayer services in Foster City, California, and its residents. Call us to learn more!

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