Virtual Worship: Practicing Faith Online

Virtual Worship: Practicing Faith Online

Ever since the start of the pandemic, people’s lives and the society as a whole has been turned upside down. Everyone was required to gather online and avoid face to face interactions to help contain the virus which as a result, made almost everything around us digitalized including the church.

Nonetheless, this will not stop us from strengthening our relationship with God, and of course our Christian spirituality. As Christians, we can all agree that the body of Christ is not confined to time or space. So, wherever you are, may it be in-person or online, worshipping God is possible.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church has made a way to cope with this sudden change in gathering set-ups. We are streaming our virtual worship every Sunday at 10:00 am on YouTube. We are also still and is always open for in-person worship which is scheduled daily at 8:30 am and 10:00 am.

As part of our Episcopal tradition, we foster inclusivity by extending and opening our invitation to all people. We care for others and strangers, we welcome children into our family, and we serve those in need.

Our prayer services in Foster City, California includes adult formation, children and youth ministries, fellowship, outreach, and worship. Through these, we believe that our love for God deepens even more because we are able to love and be involved with God’s people and His works.

Strengthen your faith and come visit our episcopal church and give us a call or send us a message to learn more.

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