Ways You Can Help Young People Worship God


Engaging young people in worship is crucial in building their Christian spirituality. They would know their faith by attending mass and engaging in fellowship. We are often good at teaching about God and assisting young people in better understanding their faith, but how can we aid them in developing this relationship with him and learning what it means to worship?

Our episcopal church believes that worship does not always have to be singing. It is extremely hard, though not impossible, to get a bunch of teenagers to sing. We believe that worship is not merely singing, but relationship building with our heavenly Father. Here are some ways that you can help your youth to worship:

  • Use Art: Using your creativity to worship and connect with God is a great method to do so. This may include having people sketch things they are grateful for, or having them draw what a Bible scripture means to them.
  • Word Games: There are a variety of word games in which you must think of words that relate to a specific topic.
  • Video Meditations: There are several high-quality video clips accessible on the internet that you can utilize to assist people in worship. Some excellent ones concentrate on a specific Bible passage.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church believes that worship can be in many ways. Our prayer services in Foster City, California include adult formation, children and youth ministries, fellowship, outreach, and worship. We believe that our love for God grows because we can love and participate in God’s people and works.

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