On the Fridays in Lent beginning on February 20th and each Friday through March 27th at 12:10 p.m. you are invited to gather in the church. We will walk through the Stations of the Cross and offer reflections and insights.


On the Sundays in Lent beginning February 22nd through March 22nd following the 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist, we will have Lenten Healthy Lunches followed by the Lenten Program which will begin at 11:45 a.m.

The Lenten Program: The Lenten series will merely be an overview of some of the major themes and insights from Alexander Shaia’s book, “The Hidden Power of the Gospels” and is intended to be an introduction to reframe both our understanding of the Gospel accounts of Jesus the Christ, and to help us learn a process by which we may seek to transform our lives in the spiritual journey.
We will learn a bit about each gospel reviewing some stories and focus on the spiritual practices in the different phases of the spiritual journey. Each Sunday the program will be from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Parish Hall. The program will be led by the Rector.

February 22nd: An Introduction to the four paths of Quadratos, their questions and their metaphors:
The first path: The Gospel of Matthew: Climbing the Great Mountain, How do we change? The second path: The Gospel of Mark: Crossing the Stormy Sea, How do we move through suffering? The third path: The Gospel of John: Resting in the Glorious Garden, How do we receive joy? The fourth path: The Gospel of Luke: Walking the Road of Riches, How do we mature in service?

March 1st: Matthew’s Gospel, the time of crisis and how we face change. Some stories from Matthew’s gospel. The practices of the first path: (1) the balance between safety and risk, gathering the stories of your life, reflection meditation and/or prayer; and (2) listening to the dissonant “voices” of your life with respect.

March 8th: Mark’s Gospel, persevering through suffering. Some stories from Mark’s gospel. The practices of the second path are: (1) holding the tension of the opposites while living though anxiety and (2) ask to be deepened by our suffering through prayer.

March 15th: John’s Gospel, receiving the joy of grace. Some stories from John’s gospel. The practices of the third path are: (1) to move from doing to being to become more aware; and (2) cleansing the vestiges of dualistic thinking by keeping a “John’s journal”

March 22nd: Luke’s Gospel, maturing in loving service. Some stories from Luke’s gospel. The practices of the fourth path are: (1) Speak truth and unity; (2) open and engage the truths of beauty; (3) find the quiet center; (4) absorb the deeper rhythms; (5) expand into risk; (6) learn to let go; (7) build the new Jeru-Shalom; (8) make the great leap of trust.