Let’s Celebrate the Birth of Christ Jesus


Around this time, Mary and Joseph decided to settle on a stable at Bethlehem to prepare for Jesus’ birth. The night was long and tiring due to the inns being fully occupied. After giving birth, they placed Jesus on a manger and rested for the night. After a few days, the three wise men found the newborn king upon following the brightest star and handed their gifts and well-wishes.

Today, every Christmas, we celebrate the joyous moment of Jesus’ birth. This season is not only for celebration but also a time for giving and sharing, just like what the wise men did. We can attend a mass at any episcopal church on Christmas Eve to show our love and worship to Jesus. Giving back to the church through our donations can bring significant impact already.

Also, let’s deepen our Christian spirituality by doing God’s work and following God’s words. By doing prayer services in Foster City, California, we may be graced with strong faith and pure wisdom in our life journey.

Let’s be reminded of the true essence of Christmas, that is, God, giving us his only begotten son through Mary and Joseph, filling our hearts with gratitude and joy.

Should you wish to celebrate your Christmas with us, you are all welcome here at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. We have ministries and services that will bring you closer to God this holiday season.

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