Understanding the Importance of Baptism as a Sacrament


We enter Christianity through Baptism, biblically defined as the rite of washing or cleansing with water to signify the religious purification from sin and consecration of devotion to God. Traditionally, Christians are baptized by immersing them in the water. Although baptizers still do it the old way, Baptism today can be done through cleansing the head with holy water.

Many people see Baptism as a mere requirement to achieve Christian spirituality, not realizing the depth and weight of being an overcomer. For you to appreciate and understand this sacrament, hereunder are its importance in our lives.

  • Remission from Actual and Original Sins. Actual sins are both the mortal and venial sins we commit in contrary to God’s will either by doing evil or refraining from doing good, whereas original sins are inherited through birth from Adam and Eve’s transgression in Eden. These sins are effaced by the holy Baptism.
  • Door to the Church Community. Baptism welcomes you in the Episcopal church along with other believers because receiving this sacrament is a public acknowledgement of your belief in the gospel and confession of your faith to Jesus Christ.
  • Obedience and Submission to God. With Baptism comes repentance. After getting cleansed, you are responsible to change your ways from bad ones to acts that would glorify our one true God. Only then you become worthy of salvation.

It takes an open mind to understand God’s teachings and the church’s involvement to fulfill our worldly responsibilities in response. Through Baptism and other sacraments along with prayer worship, we will be saved.

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