Best Ways to Foster Spiritual Health


We can achieve spiritual health if we train our minds and hearts to shift our concerns from the material world and physical things to the growth of our soul. Fostering your spiritual health is tough especially if it requires great transition. In instances like this, you could use some help from an established Episcopal church of God’s believers.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church believes in a “loving, liberating, and life-giving God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. We aim to keep our church growing by welcoming anyone who wishes to practice and strengthen their Christian spirituality.

As your guide to spiritual growth, here are some ways you can do by yourself or with the church community:

  • Reflect on Your Beliefs. Our faith is our strongest connection with God but without the right guidance, a tragedy may befall upon us, led by our unhealthy principles of faith which is why it is essential we constantly question, affirm, and revise our beliefs to align it with God’s will.
  • Expose Yourself to Reminders of Faith. We should focus on strengthening our faith and spirituality rather than the negative things this cruel world is inflicting us. Hence, to remind yourself of your faith, regularly read the bible, find time to meditate and pray, and attend the holy mass.
  • Participate in Volunteer Works. Pay close attention to people so you can foster empathy, gratitude, and kindness for others. You can join outreach programs to help people in need and bring them closer to God.

Your lives can be more meaningful through different acts of faith including worship. Ergo, visit us and participate in our prayer services in Foster City, California to strengthen your faith and live a spiritually healthy life. Get started!

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