Inviting the Presence of God in Daily Lives


We all have paths to take, and whatever path we choose, having faith will always lead us to something with purpose. To some people, it takes a lifetime to see their purpose, and life can be like that. But whatever happens, having a God to believe in can help us understand life better. St. Ambrose Episcopal Church is a place where you can discover God through Prayer Services in Foster City, California.

In our Episcopal Church, we want people to know that everywhere is a place of God. We encourage and inspire them on how walking towards the light can help us in our day-to-day lives, especially with all the chaos happening in the present time.

Believing in something and having faith in Christian Spirituality is a way to see how we can do better, how people can come together in peace and do something each day to help someone, especially their need for a better faith.

If you feel like you have lost your way, know that our doors are always open. You may attend one of our Fellowship services and see how it helps and how it can move you in ways towards Jesus.

Embrace the power of faith and Christian life. We also do Baptism to children or anyone who wants to be a part of our beliefs and faith. You are always welcome here.

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