The Ear That Listens: Receive God’s Words Better


Having a listening ear is essential in receiving God’s Words during mass and worship. However, that is not the only thing you need or do to be able to receive God’s Spiritual Guidance. To prepare you to receive God’s Words better in your heart, here are some practical tips you can adopt:

  • Pray for the proclamation of the Word.

Your priest or pastor is the one who will proclaim the Word during the sermon in your Episcopal Church. Pray that they will be faithful to the proclamation of the Word in the Spirit’s power.

  • Read today’s passage beforehand.

When you read the sermon’s passage ahead of the service time, you’ll be able to focus on what eternal truth you’ll be receiving during the homily.

  • Be prepared mentally and physically.

If you are going to the church the next day, be physically and mentally prepared. Clear your mind from any activities except receiving the Word. Take a good night’s rest so you won’t be uncomfortable while listening to the sermon the next day. A heart that listens and a mind that remembers is the tool you need to boost your Christian Spirituality.

  • Bring your Bible and spiritual journal.

You can follow along as your minister reads or references the Scripture. Your spiritual journal is your notebook where you write notes as you listen to the sermon.

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