What Does Easter Mean to You?


Easter is the one day in the year that we participate in egg hunts and special mass services. But what does Easter entail? Why do we celebrate it, and what does it mean for every Christian today?

In Christian spirituality, Easter is a time to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It is widely believed that on the first Easter morning, Jesus conquered death and fulfilled his promise of being the world’s Savior.

Over time, the meaning of Easter has changed. It has become a holiday where most people can relax and take a break from everyday stress. Others see Easter as an opportunity to engage in peaceful prayer and communion with the Lord.

  • But, let us ask you, what does Easter mean to you?

    Maybe your idea of Easter has been founded on your family’s tradition or interspersed by a friend’s influence. Or maybe you have made your own meaning about Easter, something you have developed over years of experience.

  • Whatever the case, Easter remains a meaningful holiday for everyone.

    And whether you choose to commemorate this holiday by spending time with your family in church, hosting special cook-outs and dinners, or joining outreach programs, it’s best to celebrate it by spreading peace and joy. For us, Christians, may this day remind us of God’s everlasting love and His great promise of salvation to us all.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church celebrates Easter Sunday with a special easter egg hunting activity for all our children after Sunday School Service, which takes place every other week, at 10:00 am. Care to join us? We promise a fun and enlightening time at our episcopal church for children and adults alike!

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