The Importance of Having Spiritual Guidance


There are many challenges and temptations brought by our fast-paced world right now. In this time where we can be easily swayed by worldly offerings, we must strengthen our Christian spirituality to stay steadfast in God’s grace. We should welcome our mornings by asking for guidance and enlightenment so that we will stay focused on our mission to stay in God’s love.

We can receive spiritual guidance in many ways and forms. Our prayers are our personal way of asking God for guidance and discernment so that we may carry the teachings of the scripture in every decision we make in our lives. Celebrating mass and singing songs of praise are also forms of prayer together with our Christian community.

For those who need the support and guidance of a community, you can visit St. Ambrose Episcopal Church and join our prayer services in Foster City, California. We consider our community members as God’s instruments in spreading His word and teachings. Let the Church and the community be your guide also.

As we practice our Christianity, let us always seek the guidance of God in our everyday life. When we have a strong relationship with God, the Church, and our Christian community, we do not waver in our faith even in the face of hardships and temptations.

Come and visit our Episcopal Church. Everyone is welcome to receive the blessings of God.

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