A Life of Faith Is an Active Process


Christian Spirituality is a relationship with the spirit of Christ. We live and die for Him. Just like every relationship, our faith in Him is a constant process. We receive Him through baptism, but we nurture it every day in our lifetime.

  • Prayers

    Communication is the key to every relationship. With God, prayers are our way to converse with Him. It is the best time to share our frustrations, successes, gratitude, and whatever we feel. Whether personal or attending prayer services in Foster City, California, with others, be honest with God. He listens.

  • Mass

    Mass is the celebration of the sacrament of the Eucharist. Keep an open mind and heart as the Lord speaks to you through His scriptures. The Episcopal Church welcomes everyone from all walks of life. You will not be judged, but rather celebrated. Join the mass and receive God.

  • Bible

    All His teachings are inscribed in the bible. It is the ultimate guide of our faith. Read his commandments, imbibe them, share them, and practice them.

  • Acts

    Our actions are the ultimate manifestation of our faith in God. Live out His teachings and invite more people to join our ministry.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church invites every community member to observe a life of faith. We will help you in your journey with God through our various ministries, services, mass, and more. Join us and live an everlasting life.

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